What social media does for me

As a follow up to my own post on social networking (along with others from Gordon McLean and DMN Guys), whilst I was lazing on a Northumberland beach I “penned” a list of the benefits social networking brings to me.

1. Cyber-colleagues. No longer do I feel isolated as a sole author, I have a network of knowledgeable colleagues.

2. New trends and developments in the authoring world are constantly brought to my attention.

3. I have access to an extensive knowledge base…I doubt there is an issue that can arise with the authoring tools I use that cannot be answered via the social network.

4. Event announcements are made loud and clear, ensuring I don’t miss a trick.

5. I gain exposure and build a reputation for my authoring skills and business.

6. Networking made simple, and from the comfort of my office. Via my contacts I have access to an enormous array of potential clients.

7. As a sole author it can be frustrating when there isn’t an avenue down which to express your ideas and thoughts. Social networking opens up the opportunity to shout loud and clear.

8. Work and collaboration opportunities can be developed.

9. Participation in discussions that matter to me.

10. Introduction to new tools that can benefit the running of my business.

As always I’d be interested to know your thoughts and how you feel you benefit (or otherwise) from social media.

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2 Responses to What social media does for me

  1. Andrea says:

    I completely agree with all of the above. Great post! I never thought I would be into social media, but as someone trying to break into freelancing, it is nice to know I’m not alone. It is such a useful resource to through ideas out and ask for tips and tricks.

  2. Thanks for the comment…it is a scary world out there but you are not alone!!

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