Re-branding Robohelp Webhelp

Recently I was involved in the re-branding of a series of webhelp files generated using Robohelp.  The process was greatly helped by the fact the author responsible for setting up the files in the first place (I’m afraid I cannot take the credit!) had taken a few simple steps, namely used style sheets, skins and templates. The following article describes how these simple tools made for an easier transition period.

Style Sheets

We are all familiar with the use of style sheets to ensure the consistency of the documents we produce, but what happens when I company undergoes a re-brand? Style sheets can simplify the process of adopting a new corporate font. A quick edit of the CSS and the changes instantly ripple through the entire help file – job one complete!


Webhelp skins are an easy method of applying your corporate colours to your online help offering. Within Robohelp, the skin editor is a simple to use (if a bit clunky) tool that empowers the author. Through editing the skin we were quickly able to change the corporate colour and update the company logo that had been cunningly added in place of the PoweredByRobohelp logo. Job two complete!

Templates (Master Pages)

I have long been an avid user of templates (or master pages as they have now become) in Robohelp. They save a lot of editing time by ensuring the layout of each page within the help is consistent. Additionally, through adding repeated content to either the header or the footer (e.g. copyright information), you have a simple method of updating this information across the entire help file. In this instance the copyright and company name where included in the footer, meaning that this information could be updated in one easy step – change the template and watch the modification ripple through the help file! Job three complete.

And finally…

So after 30 minutes of work all I needed to do was use the Find and Replace functionality in Robohelp to remove any mentions of the old company name and manually replace the company logo on the home page…job done in 4 easy steps!

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